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3/14/2017 5:34 PM By / Category: Reviews
This posting includes some of the sunscreen that we don’t carry as well.Read More
3/14/2017 4:34 PM By / Category: Reviews
Maybe how AHC named this product, the Pure Real Eye Cream for Face sounds ironical, but it is true, many Korean actresses recommend us to use eye cream for entire face for optimal moisturizing effect.Read More
3/10/2017 4:53 PM By / Category: Reviews
Traces of gold usage go way back in time, literally to the time of the ancients. If gold goes this way back, there must be something gold about it heheRead More
3/3/2017 6:24 PM By / Category: Reviews

When Mac introduced its first strobing makeup-base, Strobe Cream, the market was not so interested in this innovative product. It contains shiny and pearly strobing particles that makes your skin glowing.

Read More
2/20/2017 6:52 PM By / Category: Reviews
Apieu is a sub-brand of Missha, mainly targeting younger audiences. So rather than keep introducing conventional products, they love to make different type or different textured products.Read More
2/7/2017 6:49 PM By / Category: Tips & News
Happy Valentines Day! Free BESFREN's Chaps Rose BonBon chocolate for orders over $50. BESFREN's Chaps Rose BonBons are made by patissiers in our sister brand Besfren Café with sophisticate handcrafting. Your box holds 4 pieces of Rose Chaps Bonbon, made with silky & rich dark chocolate, brandy-filled ganache. For the texture and enriched aroma, it accommodates rose-flavored rice cake and dried raspberries in its core as well.Read More
1/19/2017 3:37 PM By / Category: Tips & News carries only limited number of makeup products. Unlike sheet masks or skincare products, makeup products have very wide range of colors...and sometimes online makeup shopping turns out to be an epic failure.Read More
1/19/2017 10:59 AM By / Category: Reviews
I am sure many of you already heard about horror stories about hydroquinone from multiple sources, such as “hydroquinone induces skin cancer” or “I have a severe allergy when I apply hydroquinone.”Read More
1/18/2017 6:04 PM By / Category: Tips & News
As a Korean beauty product provider, we have plenty of questions on expiration dates on our products. The confusion comes from duplicate regulation of Korean cosmetics.Read More
12/29/2016 4:25 PM By / Category: The Select

Since was launched earlier this year, we have progressed from an unknown website to a very dynamic Korean beauty company. This transition could not be done without our M-friends, so I’d like to appreciate to all of our friends.

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