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5/15/2017 5:00 PM By / Category: Reviews
If 2016 was a year of centella asiatica and its active ingredient madecassoside & Asiatic acids, spring/summer 2017 is the year of sea buckthorn.Read More
5/11/2017 2:22 PM By / Category: Tips & News
Well, again, mutual concept-plagiarism is unspoken truth in Korean beauty industry for sure. It’s not a praiseworthy phenomenon, but lets look at it as a customer’s point of view.Read More
5/5/2017 11:08 AM By / Category: Reviews
the concept of it is that this bear is from heaven...i mean space haha came to Earth to address common skin concerns.Read More
4/27/2017 3:10 PM By / Category: Reviews
Late 1990s to early 2000 was cotton mask and mid 2000 to early 2010 was hydrogel mask. After 2010, premium fabric masks started to appear. What's hot now?Read More
4/19/2017 2:54 PM By / Category: Reviews
Mediheal’s Pink Calamine Meshpeel mask is a quite different from those peel-off removal masks. You don’t have to apply the sticky liquid with your hands, since it has a nice cotton structure that supports clay coating so you can wear it just like a conventional hydration mask.Read More
4/18/2017 3:34 PM By / Category: Reviews
Mineral oil is a representative victim of “organic & natural band wagon.” It has been appeared in “must avoid” list for past few years, mainly by the “organic” and “natural-friendly” cosmetic brands. You may wonder as “why on the earth this guy is talking about mineral oil in this posting?”Read More
4/13/2017 11:03 AM By / Category: Reviews
Honestly speaking, I don’t pay much attention to the ingredient list when I look at cleansing product because...Read More
4/6/2017 5:10 PM By / Category: Reviews
Chemical peel is one of the most performed cosmetic procedures (or sometimes non-elective medical procedure) in history, even though laser treatments are gaining more popularity from late 90s due to their convenience.Read More
3/27/2017 11:15 AM By / Category: Reviews

here I am today wanting to bring this Neogen Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask to your attention if you haven't heard the buzz about it yet.

Read More
3/23/2017 4:04 PM By / Category: Reviews
Complete Hydration and No Break-Out : Propolis is a one of the most beloved ingredients in cosmetics.Read More

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