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8/7/2017 1:07 PM By / Category: Reviews
Yes, we do have abundant kinds of masks. Check out the diverse mask texture from already saturated Korean sheet mask market for your future purchase.Read More
7/17/2017 2:34 PM By / Category: Reviews
Dr. Jart’s Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution is one of the best-selling hydration masks for sure and I have waited long to write this review since this is in my regular routine. So, let’s see how this mask is.Read More
7/5/2017 4:26 PM By / Category: Reviews
We cannot ignore the toxicity or allergenicity from the preservatives but no doubt, preservatives are necessary evils. So I have prepared pros & cons and simplified mechanisms for preservatives in the market. This may ease your concerns on preservatives and get away from organic marketing bullshit.Read More
6/26/2017 4:30 PM By / Category: Tips & News
It’s summer. Most of the products for spring/summer season comes to market around late April and there are quite a lot of new products that just on the market right now.Read More
6/19/2017 6:26 PM By / Category: Reviews
This time I have brought some lip products to compare. Then, let’s take a look, how all the cosmetic companies plagiarize, improve and differentiate from each other.Read More
6/13/2017 12:15 PM By / Category: Reviews
We, who care about our skin's health, aren't only concerned about keeping our bodies hydrated but we want to keep our skin hydrated all year long too.Read More
6/5/2017 6:21 PM By / Category: Reviews
Summer's approaching us quite quickly which means that soon, it's that time of year again when many of us get more blackheads!!Read More
6/1/2017 6:49 PM By / Category: The Select
Many times, French luxury brands are market leader of a certain product family. So, most of times Korean brands copy & improve the concept of French or US products but nowadays, we can easily see the copy & improve the other way around.Read More
5/22/2017 10:35 AM By / Category: Reviews
This time, I brought 7 cushions to review, and most of them are not sold on In other words, this blog will be relatively objective and unbiased.Read More
5/15/2017 5:00 PM By / Category: Reviews
If 2016 was a year of centella asiatica and its active ingredient madecassoside & Asiatic acids, spring/summer 2017 is the year of sea buckthorn.Read More

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