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10/10/2018 6:44 PM By / Category: K-Beauty Reviews
If you feel like your skin maybe falls on the dehydrated category I would definitely recommend to try Klairs Supple Preparation Toner to begin with. Maybe apply two layers of it to start, and see how it goes from there.Read More
9/27/2018 6:35 PM By / Category: K-Beauty Reviews
With every new season, comes a new skincare routine. During the fall, I like to switch to a light cream. so you can protect your skin from the colder weather by stepping up the moisture a bit. I’ve been using Papa Recipe Eggplant Clearing Cream for the past month and I haven’t needed, or wanted, to reach for another moisturizer.Read More
8/27/2018 11:30 AM By / Category: K-Beauty Reviews
I love sheet masks with my heart and soul and couldn’t imagine my life without them at this point, I also love toners. A few weeks ago I run into the SoonJung Dry Capsule Sheets and the light bulb turned on right away.Read More
6/20/2018 10:58 AM By / Category: K-Beauty Reviews
Confused about the skin care steps? Rachel shows you the steps with Eggplant Clearing Skin Care!Read More
6/1/2018 4:36 PM By / Category: K-Beauty Reviews
We tried it ourselves! Min and Rachel try the new Jayjun eye patches in green tea and roselle tea.Read More
5/7/2018 1:18 PM By / Category: Tips & News
Beautycon is where you can experience the latest beauty trends. This year, it launched a section called “K-Town”, solely dedicated to Korean Beauty. In the heart of K-Town, Besfren Beauty proudly represented three of their top selling brands it carries. Let's dive in, shall we?Read More
4/4/2018 11:25 AM By / Category: Tips & News
Have you heard of the Korean Glass Skin? Ellie Choi, (a.k.a. Elliejellyb3an on Instagram) shared her tips on getting the perfect, glass looking skin on her social media. It quickly went viral without a doubt, because her skin was flawless. Here is my take of the Korean Glass Skin Routine!Read More
3/26/2018 5:08 PM By / Category: The Select
My goodness – coffee is beautiful, but it makes me extremely dehydrated all the time! Instead of relinquishing all intake of caffeine, I have decided to adjust to a healthier intake of caffeine than from multiple espresso shots in a latte. Hence, green tea. Because it has countless numbers of benefits for your body, inside and out.Read More
3/13/2018 4:33 PM By / Category: K-Beauty Reviews
Have you guys tried out the new My Real Squeeze Masks from Innisfree yet? So what's the deal? Let me break it down for you.Read More
3/2/2018 2:00 PM By / Category: K-Beauty Reviews
These days, I’ve been slacking off from the ‘one sheet a day’ routine. So I’ve started to rely on a fast yet effective alternative method – sleeping masks! Today, I'll be comparing two of the most popular sleeping masks, LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask and COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask!Read More

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