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12/29/2016 4:25 PM By / Category: The Select

Since was launched earlier this year, we have progressed from an unknown website to a very dynamic Korean beauty company. This transition could not be done without our M-friends, so I’d like to appreciate to all of our friends.

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12/14/2016 12:32 PM By / Category: Reviews
Witch Hazel Extract is a commonly used ingredient in astringents and toners. It was used to treat some skin burns, scar and itchiness by the Indians.Read More
12/9/2016 10:17 AM By / Category: Reviews

If someone wants me to pick the best product category in Skinfood, I will pick Cleansing products without hesitation. Skinfood has wide range and type of cleansing products for various skin type.

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12/7/2016 11:11 AM By / Category: Reviews

In Korea, Centella Asiatica is called “tiger plant” because when wild tigers got scars, they tend to roll on the top of Centella Asiatica. From 2 or 3 years ago, suddenly Centella Asiatica has become one of the most popular ingredients in Korean cosmetic.

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11/16/2016 1:35 PM By / Category: The Select
So season of dryness has come. If you live in NYC like me, probably you will know what I am talking about. The heater burns up our skin even with many humidifiers and walking on the street feels like climbing Himalaya.Read More
11/14/2016 5:47 PM By / Category: Reviews
Red Ginseng and Panax Ginseng has been the most respected as the most precious herb in history. We can find many interesting references from old oriental medicine books. Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon (黄帝内经) states that Ginseng gives vitality and “energy” to the core of the body.Read More
11/1/2016 10:19 AM By / Category: Tips & News
So, let’s talk about something uncomfortable here, both for cosmetic curator like me and k-beauty fan like you. So do we really have to avoid them like we do for parabens? Or we can just chill out and say “Come on, it’s gonna be fine.” So, this time I want to talk about alcohols and cosmetics.Read More
10/28/2016 12:00 PM By / Category: Reviews

Hello M-Friends! It’s me Tina :) Long time no blog. Hope you all have been doing well~ Are you all enjoying the cooler weather these days? I have hehe but there was something I wanted to share with you all today! I hope you guys haven’t been getting loose about applying sunscreen now that the cooler weather has arrived…

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10/25/2016 1:19 PM By / Category: Reviews
Probably, Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate is not an unfamiliar name for most of the Asian beauty fans. It is first used by Japan’s one of the most prominent cosmetic brand SKII, in their best-selling boosting essence “Facial Treatment Essence” under the marketing name “Pitera.” In 2009, Missha introduced me-too product – “The First Treatment Essence.”Read More
10/19/2016 12:03 PM By / Category: Reviews
Hi M-Friends~ I’m EJ, and I’m a barista at BESFREN Café. I was introduced to the LLang Super Repair Cream-Gel Masks from Tina, and I decided to give these specific masks a try. There are 3 different kinds – the Pig Collagen, Gold, and the Pearl.Read More

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