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9/2/2020 3:48 PM By Vincent Tse Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

The Plant Base Ampoule Review

Among a extensive 10-step skincare routine, ampoule is sometimes forgotten. Reasons being either:

  1. You’ve never heard of ampoule. (WHAT?)
  2. You think ampoule is the same as serum.
  3. You have flawless skin.
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7/30/2020 11:52 AM By Vincent Tse Comments Tips & News,

Face Mask Acne

As more states and countries around the world implement mandatory wearing of face masks, a new problem termed ‘maskne’ has surfaced. Maskne is a word made by combining mask and acne. If you’ve been breaking out more than usual around the chin, check or nose area, it is probably due to maskne!

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7/23/2020 11:56 AM By Vincent Tse Comments Tips & News,

 Best Korean Skincare Products for Oily Skin

Having oily skin makes curating a skincare routine tricky, but several ingredients will save you from that trouble. If you are a makeup wearer, you’ll know that makeup doesn’t blend well and last as long on the face.

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7/8/2020 5:21 PM By Vincent Tse Comments Tips & News,


Online shopping, for most of us, is a fun and stress-relieving activity. Filing up your shopping cart, checking out, and the anticipation of your package arriving is the best part. However, tracking a package can seemingly be tricky if not done correctly.

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6/19/2020 9:04 AM By Vincent Tse Comments Tips & News,

Best Sunscreens 2020

We’re counting down the days till its Summer and sunscreens are trending! Is it me, or has SPF and sun protection been spoken about A LOT in 2020? I think we’ve begun to accept that prevention is WAY better than coverage

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5/28/2020 11:43 AM By Vincent Tse Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

 Cica x Care Skincare

It’s allergy season and that usually means red, irritated, dry and scratched skin from all the nose blowing. recently added VT to the list of brands they sell so I had to get my hands on the products.

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5/18/2020 3:10 PM By Vincent Tse Comments Tips & News,

COVID19 Face Masks

As we continue to remain in lockdown for the second month, we urge everyone to continue their efforts in protecting themselves and others by staying home and taking preventative actions. Now that it's been proven that face masks help minimize the growing cases of COVID-19, it’s important to differentiate what each face mask offers.

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3/18/2020 10:13 AM By Vincent Comments Tips & News,

Ingredients in Korean Beauty Products

If you ask me why K-Beauty is trending, I’d say it’s the effective ingredients. Most of the time, you’ll find higher concentration of active ingredients in Korean skincare products compared to Western skincare. Above that, Korean brands are more affordable and personally, the packaging and branding is becoming more and more luxurious yet minimal!

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3/17/2020 2:46 AM By Josie Comments Tips & News,

Laser Treatment Side Effects

Your skin is a true reflector of your life. One looks at a person's skin, especially facial skin, can reveal a lot about that person. From inner body ailments to outer stressful environmental factors, all of them will invariably show on your face. Laser facial treatment is one of the solutions that gives your skin a chance to start anew.

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3/12/2020 1:43 AM By Carolina Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

Round Lab Dokdo Toner and Cream

This has been a weird winter season, who’s with me on that? Some days it’s so cold out you can barely keep your eyes open, but then some days feels almost like spring was around the corner. While some enjoy this kind of weather, our skin is for sure not happy about it, and it’s easy for it to react and struggle due to the unstable weather.

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