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8/20/2019 12:07 PM By Melina Tseng Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

Papa Recipe Eggplant Clearing Pad Toner - M Review 102

If you've been following me for a while, you know that my love for facial pads (especially exfoliating ones) are real! I love how convenient these are, being pre-soaked in essence to cleanse, gently exfoliate, and moisturize skin on the go. These come in a huge tub of 60 pads and contain lactic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid to get rid of dead skin cells, oils and impurities that clog pores.

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8/15/2019 4:20 PM By Gene Choi Comments Tips & News,

The number of beauty influencers out on social media these days has grown substantially over the past decade. YouTube has been the stepping stone for many aspiring beauty influencers to create unique and informative content. Now that the beauty community can stay connected all around the world, it’s easy to find out the latest trends and products from beauty gurus in all different parts of the world. 

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8/13/2019 7:44 PM By Ashley Comments Tips & News,

You’ve probably heard at some point in your life that skincare is essential. The older you get, the more often the topic of skincare will come up. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll try to push the task because you’re “still young” and don’t see signs of aging, and then you’ll find yourself to be one of the last ones to join the bandwagon. Well, guess what? Toss that mindset out the window and jump on the skincare train. It’s going to be a long ride. 

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8/8/2019 1:08 PM By Paige Kim Comments Tips & News,

Shaving Tips for Women with Sensitive Skin thumbnail - M Tips 99

As many as 94% of women shave some area of their body. While we spend a considerable amount on purchasing products designed to deliver a smoother shave, we also spend hours every month following impractical steps that irritate our skin. Regardless of whether we shave extra sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini line, each region poses its own set of challenges. So here are a few tips on how to shave without causing skin irritation.

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8/6/2019 4:13 PM By Gene Choi Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

Dokdo Toner thumbnail - M Review 98We are now in August, and for the past month my skin has been very unpredictable and a lot more sensitive than usual. I personally have sensitive oily skin that is also dehydrated, so I always like using products that can control my oil-moisture balance as well as not sensitize my skin. For the past 3 weeks, I was able to try out the Round Lab 1095 Dokdo Toner.

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8/1/2019 5:01 PM By Gene Choi Comments Tips & News,

Sun Protection and Skin Health thumbnail - M Review 97

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), frequent tanning can actually harm the skin in the long run. In addition to helping you avoid skin cancer, sun protection also helps in slowing down the process of skin aging.

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7/30/2019 11:15 AM By Prianca Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

Goldzan Mask thumbnail - M Review 96Gold is a universal symbol for wealth and luxury. You can now find beauty products with gold in it and you often wonder what gold is actually good for and whether it’s safe for the skin. Some people may think it’s simply a gimmick to sell an expensive, luxury product. However, I’m here to explain that gold surprisingly does have skincare benefits that can transform your skin when well-formulated.

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7/25/2019 2:47 PM By Gene Choi Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

thumbnail - M Review 95

Mugwort is a trending miracle ingredient being widely used in Korean beauty products. But Mugwort is not a new discovery. It has been there for centuries, and its origin goes back to the Grecian times. The scientific name of Mugwort, Artemisia Princeps, bears a close resemblance to the name of the Greek goddess of childbirth, Artemis, who was prayed to by the women and girls of ancient Greek for protection. 

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7/23/2019 1:48 PM By Carolina Malis Comments K-Beauty Reviews,


Not gonna lie, during all these years I’ve been trying K-Beauty products, I’ve found myself testing some formulas I’ve really hated and some other I’ve loved with all of my heart. Thing is with K-beauty there’s always something new out there, and while some brands only focus on following the trends and coming out with something that looks cute but doesn't really work, other brands are really out there stepping up their game looking to improve people’s skin health for real.  

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7/18/2019 12:06 PM By Gene Choi Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

Korean Red Ginseng thumbnail - M Review 93

Masks, hair, makeup - they’re all parts of feeling even more beautiful than you already are. The word “beauty” is a subjective word that has multiple layers to it. The most important aspect of beauty I want to touch upon is “Inner Beauty” with a focus on health and wellness. Feeling beautiful from the inside-out is important in living a happy life that goes beyond just looking great with just skincare and makeup.

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