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1/16/2020 12:33 PM By Melina Tseng Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette

 As you guys know I'm a sucker for cute packaging and #EtudeHouse always gets me! I decided to try out their Play Color Eyes eyeshadow palette in the shade "In The Cafe", which turned out to be a very beginner's friendly, neutral color palette.

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1/10/2020 3:25 PM By Vincent Tse Comments Tips & News,

Healthy Food For Skin


The simplest way to achieve healthy and flawless skin is by investing in a healthier lifestyle, especially when it comes to eating/diet. What you eat is what you are – an adage that has held true since time immemorable. Nature has blessed up with several types of foods that burst with vitamins and minerals that are great for our skin. Here are 10 of them.

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12/31/2019 10:35 AM By Vincent Tse Comments The Select,


Life can be sometimes – scratch that, IS FOR A FACT, draining, exhausting, overwhelming, dull, and the list goes on. However, cleansing your face, patting on rich essence, applying a creamy night cream, and putting on a cold-refrigerated face mask or eye patch could be fun, or even an unwinding and relaxing activity.

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12/23/2019 3:19 PM By Vincent Tse Comments The Select,


Back to Basics: The 3 Simplified Yet Essential Steps for Any Skincare Routine


It seems every day the cosmetics market is flooded with new and never-before-heard-of products, all of which are advertised as essential and indispensable to your skincare routine. Not only are these products expensive, but our increasingly busy schedules leave us with no time to undertake elaborate multi-step skincare routines daily. Instead, a lot of us end up skipping the routine altogether.

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12/17/2019 10:15 AM By Vincent Tse Comments The Select,

Gifting Season

It’s all about gifting this month and here are several special skincare sets perfect for family, friend, relative or a significant other! I’ll be recommending 4 different sets for all skin-types at different price ranges.


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12/10/2019 11:27 AM By Vincent Tse Comments Tips & News,

How Often Should You Exfoliate / Dangers of Over-Exfoliating

Exfoliation is a process that helps get rid of dead skin cells and is typically done using grainy, chemical exfoliators, or even a physical exfoliator tool. It is normal for your skin to shed these dead cells in a 30-day cycle (approximately) for new cell formation to take place.

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11/29/2019 5:05 PM By Gene Choi Comments Tips & News,

Have you heard the new buzz about peptides? They’re the hero ingredient in treating wrinkles and other anti-aging skin matters. Peptides do wonders for your skin, but have you wondered what peptides are and what they do for your skin? Is it worth having this ingredient in your skincare regimen? Most dermatologists would say yes! Peptides are threads of amino acids. These are building blocks for making proteins in the body. 

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11/26/2019 5:26 PM By Melina Tseng Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

Jayjun Black Pearl First Repair Serum - M Review 118

It's the weekend, finally! Had a super stressful week with 3 lab reports due and a test hfjshajsgaka but I'm done, took a nap, and I'm back. Thankfully next week we have the whole week off! How do you destress? For me, I love to unwind with #skincare in case you missed it. Lately I've been testing this beautiful Black Pearl First Repair Serum from Jayjun and it's so unique! First time seeing a black serum.


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11/21/2019 5:20 PM By Gene Choi Comments Tips & News,

Black Friday thumbnailIt’s Black Friday Month here on Masksheets. As many of you may already know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in which many shoppers can find some of the biggest sales and deals of the year from various retailers. But what exactly does Black Friday mean and when did it all start?

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11/19/2019 6:27 PM By Sara Cegarra Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

Dewytree Madecassoside Melting Chou Mask thumbnail - M Review 117Today I come to tell you about this mask, in particular is the Madecassoside Melting-Chou Mask by Dewytree.Madecassoside Melting Chou Mask is crafted for skin with discolorations, this mask balances the appearance of skin's tone and redness. Infused with Madecassoside and Centella Asiatica, this mask will provide soothing nourishment to the skin that will help heal troubled, sensitive skin. 


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