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3/18/2020 10:13 AM By Vincent Comments Tips & News,

Ingredients in Korean Beauty Products

If you ask me why K-Beauty is trending, I’d say it’s the effective ingredients. Most of the time, you’ll find higher concentration of active ingredients in Korean skincare products compared to Western skincare. Above that, Korean brands are more affordable and personally, the packaging and branding is becoming more and more luxurious yet minimal!

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3/12/2020 1:43 AM By Carolina Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

Round Lab Dokdo Toner and Cream

This has been a weird winter season, who’s with me on that? Some days it’s so cold out you can barely keep your eyes open, but then some days feels almost like spring was around the corner. While some enjoy this kind of weather, our skin is for sure not happy about it, and it’s easy for it to react and struggle due to the unstable weather.

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3/9/2020 8:54 AM By Josie Comments Tips & News,

Everything You Need To Know About Coronavirus

Coronavirus disease, aka COVID-19, is a person-to-person respiratory disease with its first case found in Wuhan, China on December 1st, 2019. In January 2020, the city of Wuhan, which has an estimated population of 11 million, has been quarantined in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

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3/2/2020 11:00 PM By Josie Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

jayjun roselle tea and green tea eye gel patch

If you ask me what my favorite K-beauty mask brand is, it’s gotta be JAYJUN. Recently I tried out their eye patch, which surprised me just as much as their masks did.

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2/27/2020 4:26 PM By Josie Comments Tips & News,

Hair Loss and Hair Loss Prevention


There are nearly 100,000 hair follicles on your head, and daily, losing approximately 100 strands is considered pretty normal. This loss isn’t noticeable because of the hair growth cycle. It’s important to be aware of the amount of hair you’re losing. 

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2/24/2020 12:11 PM By Josie Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

all three cleansers from COSRX

COSRX has been a reputed K-beauty brand for many years in the market. Experts in the industry have given the brand multiple compliments about its focus on ingredients and its holistic approach of creating solid skincare efficacy.

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2/21/2020 11:15 PM By Josie Comments Tips & News,

Quality Sleep Benefits Skin

If lack of sleep is affecting you every night, don't worry, you're not alone! The Sleep Foundation states that nearly 70 million Americans are afflicted with a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea and insomnia.

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2/17/2020 2:59 PM By Josie Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

TRY ON products

Ever since I moved to New York, there is not a single day that I walked out of my apartment without a lip balm, and I recently discovered a new lip product by Laneige that totally takes the experience to a whole new level - Lip Glowy Balm.

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2/13/2020 10:15 PM By Josie Comments Tips & News,

BB Cream, Foundation, or Cushion?

BB Creams and Cushion Compacts are two of the most successful beauty products since the K-beauty trend took off a decade ago. However, although these two products are no strangers to most of us, some people still have a hard time distinguishing between them and the classic foundations. 

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2/10/2020 2:33 PM By Vincent Tse Comments K-Beauty Reviews,

Multitasking Skincare Products: Cosrx and Some By Mi

I just began growing my daily skincare routine and adding in K-beauty recommended steps. I refuse to do 10 steps, so I did some research and everywhere on the web recommended Essence as a MUST. Nowadays, a single step of the 10-step skincare routine contains multi-tasking ingredients.

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