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Posted in Tips & News By Gene Choi
KakaoTalk_Photo_2019-01-15-17-38-15.jpeg As we are entering a new year, Masksheets wanted to present to our beloved customers a recap of some of our best-sellers of 2018! Here, you’ll get a full rundown of the Top 10 best-selling items that are a must-have if you haven’t already tried them. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see the recipients of the M-AZING Awards.Read More
Posted in Tips & News By Paige Kim
how-to-oil-thumb-0_1.jpg I want to share how to use the facial oil. First, I think applying on your face after cream is the simplest way. Rub the facial oil with your hands and then apply to your face by gently pressing into skin with fingers and palms.Read More
Posted in Tips & News By Rachel Lim
Besfren Beauty X Morgan Stewart Beautycon NYC 2018
Beautycon is where you can experience the latest beauty trends. This year, it launched a section called “K-Town”, solely dedicated to Korean Beauty. In the heart of K-Town, Besfren Beauty proudly represented three of their top selling brands it carries. Let's dive in, shall we?Read More
Posted in Tips & News By Rachel Lim
My Korean Glass Skin Routine
Have you heard of the Korean Glass Skin? Ellie Choi, (a.k.a. Elliejellyb3an on Instagram) shared her tips on getting the perfect, glass looking skin on her social media. It quickly went viral without a doubt, because her skin was flawless. Here is my take of the Korean Glass Skin Routine!Read More
Posted in Tips & News By Jae Kim
Drew Barrymore X JAYJUN
Being a skin care lover, Drew Barrymore has fallen in love with Korean skin care, and has teamed up with one of the widely known Korean cosmetic brands, Jayjun.Read More
Posted in Tips & News By Rachel Lim
2018 S/S Beauty Trend
It's still cold in NYC, but in a couple of months, spring will be here soon. Today, I'll be talking about some new beauty trends of spring and summer 2018!Read More
Posted in Tips & News By Jae Kim
Travel smart! How to easily bring your vanity when you are traveling
Last week, I went to Los Angeles! I was excited and stressed at the same time, because my skin's so sensitive, I get anxious about not being able to bring my whole vanity with me. Nevertheless, I needed to tweak my everyday skincare a bit, so I could fit everything in that TSA approved zip bag. How do I work this out? There are some ways I accommodate.Read More
Posted in Tips & News By Jae Kim
Stressed about your skin? You are not alone.
Throughout my life, I always suffered from some kind of conditional problems with my skin. My face is constantly struggling between dry cheeks and oily forehead and chin, with whiteheads, blackheads, and cystic acne. Skin can change due to countless number of reasons. There are some tips and advices from my experiences at my lows.Read More
Posted in Tips & News By Jae Kim
With a long history throughout East Asia, ginseng has always symbolized health, energy, and wealth. For over a century, Korea Ginseng Corp (KGC) retained reputation of providing countless benefits with their 6 years old Korean Red Ginseng products with the highest quality. Just a few weeks ago, KGC X Besfren hosted the launch party with their favorite bloggers to celebrate the launch of Everytime extract and Women's balance.Read More
Posted in Tips & News By Rachel Lim
Declutter Your Life Before The New Year!
Christmas is officially over, and everyone seems to be getting ready for the new year. Well, I think that ending the year well is very important before you come up with your new year’s resolution. Before getting onto the awaited fresh start, clean out and organize your closet!Read More

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