KLAVUU Daily Vitamin Care Mask featuring Astaxanthin - M Review 87

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That antioxidant that also makes carrots and persimmons bright orange. Lots of studies on its positive health effects of astaxanthin when eaten regularly, but topically it’s still up for debate. One studied showed better skin elasticity, moisture content and improved wrinkles in males after 6 weeks with BOTH oral and topical supplementation. In a nutshell, to get the most out of this ingredient, you should probably use it consistently and eat a diet full of it.

Klavuu masks are always a joy to wear. This is no different. Bishhh is soft and plenty big for all shapes and sizes.

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Contains green tea, ginger and licorice. Noticed a subtle brightening effect.

Some of that brightening comes from Klavuu’s signature pearl extract. Girl, they put that in everything.

KLAVUU Daily Vitamin Care Mask after - M Review 87

Also has KLAVUU’s signature fragrance which is very light and the last ingredient.

Which is why I recommend lightly rinsing this off to prevent any sensitization. I forgot to do that here.


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