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BIO HEAL BOH Probioderm Lifting Face Roller & Massage

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Experience a luxurious pampering skin care routine with the Probioderm Lifting Face Roller & Massage. The gua sha massager helps improve blood circulation and reduce puffiness, while the dented part contours the face and the rounded sides relax neck and shoulder muscles. Get your skin glowing today!
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  • Fits in one hand that is portable and can be used for elasticity care anytime and anywhere.
  • Helps repair and lift aging and damaged skin.
  • The material of the massager does not crack or rust easily, so you can use it safely.

How To Use

1. Insert the middle groove into your chin and gently slide along your jawline and massage.
2. Gently massage along the line to areas that require intensive care, such as shoulders, collarbones, and forehead.

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Probioderm Lifting Face Roller & Massage
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