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Cheong Kwan Jang Honeyed Korean Red Ginseng Slices 20gX12

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Korean Red Ginseng Slices is soaked in honey and then dried, It makes it easy to get red ginseng easily and easily wherever you go Honeyed Red Ginseng Slices Royal give pleasure with its sweetness. Everyone can enjoy this product for its flavour and portability.

20g X 12 Packs

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Sliced marinated with honey and dried ginseng products as Rich and sweet taste of red ginseng products that can be enjoyed while savoring is enough. Ginseng reduces the bitter taste of bitter people who hate good.

Before and after exercise, driving, golfing, hiking, traveling if intake is recommended when you feel tired.

Healthy Dessert recommend everyone.
Take 1~2 slice at a time , 3 time a day.


Red ginseng 50.85%(6 years old)
(Mixing ratio : body part(hongsamgeun) 100%, root part(hongmisam) 0%),
Honey 24.5%, isomaltooligosaccharide, Fish collagen

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Honeyed Korean Red Ginseng Slices 20gX12
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