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The Best Peeling Item for Sensitive Skin: Neogen Pore Tightening Peeling Mousse - M Review 64

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The best peeling item for sensitive skin: Neogen Pore Tightening Peeling Mousse - M Review 64





I’ve only tried a few Neogen products and I’m happy to report that they have all been positive experiences for me! This Neogen Pore Tight Peeling Mousse is no exception. Before we get into what’s inside the can, let’s give a quick moment of appreciation to the design of the packaging. It’s simple yet elegant. I love the color and how the gradient in the color just ties the whole look together.



This product dispenses out of the pump as mousse foam; incredibly light and airy with a touch of fresh scent to it. At first when I read the name, I assumed it was something you waited to dry on your skin before peeling off. However, after reading instructions (as you always should!), I learned that this is a gentle exfoliating mousse that requires you to massage throughout the skin.



First ingredient on the list is Algae Extract! This is an incredibly beneficial substance due to its protective properties. In skincare, this antioxidant agent protects your skin from environmental damages that can cause premature aging. It is also a nutritional compound; filled with great minerals to draw toxins out of your pores. To top it off, it also hydrates and softens your skin.


Instructions say to shake well to properly mix the product within the can. On dry hands and face, we are to dispense the product and apply it to our face. Next, rub thoroughly and massage the product into your skin until it completely disappears. You’ll notice a ton of black particles start to form on your skin. It looks scary, but don’t be too worried, it’s just the mousse pilling into these solid substances that effectively and most importantly, gently, exfoliates your skin!


Don’t let the “tight peeling” in the name scare you off; even though this product does contain alcohol, my skin was far from dry and tight. I was honestly amazed at how smooth, soft and glowing my skin was left after I rinsed everything off. I couldn’t stop touching my face! It was that soft. Upon closer inspection, my pores appeared smaller and my skin tone overall just looked more even. I definitely have to give this product a two thumbs up; it met my expectations and more.



I have been using peeling gels to exfoliate because I feel like they are a lot more gentle for my skin compared to scrubs itself. The Neogen Pore Tight Peeling Mousse is a lot like peeling gels that I have been using but in a mousse form.

The Pore Tight Peeling Mousse comes in a can with a pump that releases a light airy mousse to rub onto your skin to help with the removal of dead skin cells. The mousse is white, and when you spread it around your skin, you can see the removal of the dead skin cells with the grey pills that it forms on the skin. When I tried it on my hand compared to my face, it definitely pilled more on my face, which is how I knew the product was working because my face needed it more.


The main ingredient used for the Pore Tight Peeling Mousse is Algae Extract, which is beneficial for the skin because it helps draw out toxins to condition, hydrate, soften, and detoxify the skin

Before using the product, I have had dry skin, which made my makeup application a little hard because I had dry spots around my cheek area since the air in my area has been super dry. After using the product for a little over a week, I already see how it has helped with the dry spots on my face and it leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed without feeling stripped.


Overall, I am glad that I was able to incorporate this into my skincare routine. Although it does have a fishy scent to it, it's not too strong and the scent goes away after washing your face.



Before we get into it, I want to tell you my story first. I used to exfoliate with scrubs every single day a few years ago. There are many types of products to remove dead skin, and physical scrubs are the strongest. In this case, you are not supposed to use it 7 times a week! But I didn't know that. My skin got irritated more and more and I couldn't get rid of my pimples as well. It was so terrible!

So, I did research and changed my skincare routine. I don't use scrub products on my face anymore. I prefer to remove the dead skin by using AHA/BHA products because they are better and gentler than others, and I rarely have pimples now. I know there are a ton of causes for pimples, so I can't say changing the way that I exfoliated was the only solution, but I think it played a huge role.

Now, let's talk about the Neogen Pore Tightening Mousse. Actually, I knew this item from a while ago but I was hesitant because I have not used this kind of exfoliator. However, I was wondering why people love this product so much, so I bought it!

Yes. I was surprised. It works! The most important thing for me when I remove dead skin is not to irritate my skin. I think the mousse texture is good for that reason. And it's fun to use!

To see how well it works, I tried using it twice a day. I used it after washing my face and then used it one more time for half of my face only, so I can compare. At first, I saw a lot of black particles! I don't wanna admit that they were from my face... Right. I was shocked. I washed my face carefully and removed all the makeup with proper makeup removers every day, however, I felt like I had a lot of dirty things on my face. After using Neogen Pore Tight Peeling Mousse, my face got super soft! 

As I said, I was curious and wanted to see if the black particles would come out again after peeling, so I used it again right after using the mousse. I was not able to see as many as the first time. Comparing the two sides of my cheeks, I could tell a difference. The side that I applied it twice was much softer, but I think one time is just enough to have soft skin.

The thing I was surprised at is that it doesn't irritate my skin at all! For some reason, every time I try products for pores, I get some problems on my face like itchiness, pimples, redness, etc. So I don't really like to use pore-care products, but this one never irritates my skin. It's so good! I have any issues after using it, even when I used it twice a day! If you have sensitive skin, and you want a gentle exfoliator that will also take care of your pores at the same time, this is the one you’re looking for!


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