Kiribai Kiribai Red Bean Steam Eye Mask Pillow

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Relaxing steam mask gives eyes a welcome treat, warming up tired and stressed eyes for a relaxing and soothing effect. Green and red beans add to the calming experience by nourishing and conditioning the eye zone, while warm vapors cause stress levels to go down.
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  • The thermal energy of azuki's natural steam warms to the core and loosens it.
  • There is a reasonable weight, it fits the eyes, so you can warm effectively.
  • You can use it immediately by heating with a microwave oven.
  • It is economical as it can be used repeatedly.

How To Use

Take out the eye pillow. Surface with words faces down and put it in the middle of the microwave oven. (Please clean the inside well) 
Reheat according to the illustration shown in figure Do not reheat in microwave oven of 700W or above. 
Take out the eye pillow from the microwave oven and gently put it over the eyes. Standard time of using is 5 minutes.
* Do not reheat in other appliances except microwave oven.
* Do not exceed the instructed reheating time.
After reheating in microwave oven, the words “キケン” may appear on the product surface, that means the product has been overheated. Please use it after the words disappear. Overheated product may hurt your eyes.
Due to different types of microwave ovens or different environment, even if the product is reheated according to the instructed time, the words “キケン” may also appear.


Eye side surface: 100% polypropylene
Eye side inner surface: 100% cotton
Eye opposite side: 100% polyester

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Kiribai Red Bean Steam Eye Mask Pillow
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