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innisfree 5겹 코튼 패드

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5-layer cotton pads designed for easy DIY masking. These 5-layer cotton pads are ideal for thorough makeup removal and cleansing.

80 count.



손쉬운 DIY 마스킹을 위해 설계된 5겹 화장솜. 이 5층 화장솜 패드는 철저한 메이크업 제거 및 클렌징에 이상적입니다.

How To Use

1. Separate each layer of the 5-Layers Cotton Pads.
2. Saturate the layers with your favorite makeup remover.
3. Place and gently press each layer where you’d like to remove makeup.
4. Let the pads sit for a few seconds before gently sweeping across the skin.

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5겹 코튼 패드
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