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lapalette 9호 그레이셔스 핸드퍼퓸

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A highly moisturizing perfume hand cream with delicate and fresh fruity floral musk. Creating rich moisture and skin barrier in the rough hands to maintain a smooth, moist skin for a long time.


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은은하고 상큼한 프루티 플로럴 머스크의 고보습 퍼퓸 핸드크림. 거칠어진 손에 풍부한 수분과 피부장벽을 형성하여 매끄럽고 촉촉한 피부를 오랫동안 유지시켜 줍니다.

How To Use

Put the proper amount on your hand and roll it gently and absorb it.

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9호 그레이셔스 핸드퍼퓸
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