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Holika Holika 브이리프팅 메쉬마스크 1매

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An Anti-wrinkle and Whitening product. Tightens V-line and improves the fine lines on the neck with Acetyle Hexapeptide and international patented Volufiline. Ease off swelling with Menthoxypropanediol.


주름개선 및 미백 제품입니다. Acetyle Hexapeptide와 국제 특허 Volufiline으로 V라인을 타이트하게 하고 목의 잔주름을 개선합니다. Menthoxypropanediol로 붓기를 완화하십시오.

How To Use

1. Remove the transparent film of the mask and wear the mask from the middle of the jaw.
2. Leave on 20-30 minutes before take off, massage the cheek for a while.

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브이리프팅 메쉬마스크 1매
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