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Llang on the skin mask sheet seaweed from Jeju
Llang on the skin mask sheet seaweed from Jeju

LLang On the Skin Mask Sheet Seaweed from Jeju

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The representative brown algae seaweed obtained from clean sea of Jeju Island will clarify your pores and visibly improve your skin texture. (seaweed extract 10 ppm)

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Beauty trip for your Skin

We have collected the most precious ingredients from nature, from all over the world. This natural mask sheet will effectively deliver these ingredients into your skin.

The representative brown algae seaweed obtained from clean sea of Jeju Island will clarify your pores and visibly improve your skin texture. (seaweed extract 10 ppm)

Mask Type


How to Use

1. After cleansing, attach the mask on your face tightly.

2. About 10~20 minutes later, take off the mask

3. Dab your face softly and lightly.

Special Note: Considering the skins 4 week turnover term, it is most effective to use consecutively 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks (one month concentrated skin management program).


purified water, butylene glycol, glycerin, cetylethylhexanoate, shea butter, trehalose, caprylic/capric triglyceride, poly sorbate 60, panthenol, Jeju Seaweed extract, witch hazel extract, grapefruit extract, allantoin, xanthan gum, acrylate/C-10-30 alkyl acrylate cross polymer, sorbitan stearate, phenoxy ethanol, sodium hyaluronate, ethylhexylglycerin, caprylyl glycol, disodium EDTA, potassium hydroxide, fragrance

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I puschased 10 of these fell in love after my first try.
12/353/2017 12/20/2017
  • Score:
Great value mask
Cannot go wrong with this mask for $1. Skin felt fresh and tight after usage. Lots of serum on mask, and stayed on easily the whole time. Looking forward to using the rest of these.
Dear. Lulu,

yes, I agree :) Actually, the on the skin series is quite a good value masks compared to other brands :)

05/127/2017 05/08/2017
  • Score:
Super moisturizing!!
Used this mask for the first time because this was a free gift and I was super surprised at how light yet heavenly it smelled and it was super soft and full of serum. It fit PERFECTLY on my face and was super comfortable. Taking away a star because after the mask I lost lots of moisture on my lips but that's probably because I have really sensitive lips! But this mask was great for me and my sensitive skin and the pack was filled with tons of leftover serum. Will definitely purchase again in the future!

I'm glad you liked this. If your lips are sensitive, try to use hydration cream or lip balm on your lips before you use your mask. It may help.

07/196/2017 07/16/2017
  • Score:
Good mask, but not impressive.
Pros: Wonderful scent, abundant essence (enough to squeeze out a tablespoon after 20 minutes of wear!), very moisturizing - even without immediately applying moisturizer after the mask, my skin didn't feel tight at all.

Cons: I felt an uncomfortable burning sensation for the first 5 minutes of using the mask. There wasn't any noticeable change in appearance or feeling of my skin, and my forehead appeared bumpier than before use. The material for the mask is also quite stiff, and maybe my face is just big but the edge kept lifting up from my temples, jaw and chin.
Hey, Claire,

Oh, sorry to hear you had burning sensation. If you see the bumps, please stop use it. Probably, you are allergic to one of the ingredients inside. Please contact your physician if the burning or symptom persist.

07/196/2017 07/16/2017
  • Score:
Creamy goodness
The packaging is really pretty. The mask was soaked with a creamy essence, not dripping at all. When you put it on, it feels refreshing. When you take it off, it doesn't feel greasy. Overall, great mask!
Yeah, it is daily mask. The interesting part is, it has creamy essence but quite light textured.

07/195/2017 07/15/2017
  • Score:
First a little about my skin: I'm in my 20's and have very dry skin, it also happens to be very sensitive and gets red around my nose and cheeks when it's unhappy. I also sometimes get a little bit of roughness under my eyes, however certain skincare seems to help.

The mask: very hydrating, and pleasant scented! My skin didn't get irritated and afterwards my skin was very hydrated and dewy and the little bit of roughness I had under my eyes was gone! I always use masks before bed so that afterwards my skin has time to soak in all the essence. Overall I really loved this mask and see myself repurchasing it.
Dear. McKenzie,

I think On the Skin series is one of the best budget friendly mask in our entire collection. We have a very good direct relationship to KGC, so we could get this products in a relatively good price so that we can sell it for $1. I am glad that I could provide you a good products for the good prices.

06/156/2017 06/06/2017
Mila Vazquez
  • Score:
Good value
The masque was pleasant. I expected it to be green or brownish since it contains seaweed .
It had plenty of essence, fit my face well , had a pleasant scent and left me with a radiant shine afterwards.
I didn't see any difference in moisture ,but I was glad it didn't irritate my skin nor my eyes. ( I have sensitive skin).
I would repurchase this masque , since its such a good deal, to add in with other masques, to my weekly routine.
I look forward to visiting the Besfren store in NYC in person and trying some of their samples.
Masques are so indulging, Im hooked !!!!
01/05/2017 01/06/2017
Aaisha Sanaullah
  • Score:
the mask was well saturated and felt so so nice on the skin. left it on for about 20-30 minutes and my skin feels instantly hydrated and smoother and softer.
01/05/2017 01/06/2017
  • Score:
I wish I used this sooner!
I really underestimated this mask! I chose other masks from my collection over this one for a while and I'm so angry at myself for not using this mask sooner. I got better results from this mask than I've gotten from more expensive masks. The mask sticks onto the face very well, and the milky essence is very hydrating and soothing. I woke up with hydrated and glowing skin, and my hyperpigmentation from acne was lightened the slightest bit. I just wish it didn't dry as quickly as it did! It's a phenomenal mask for the price.
04/104/2017 04/15/2017
Me Jane
  • Score:
Great for everyday masking
I won't lie, I bought this mask only because I'm a big fan of seaweed and the packaging graphics were adorable (yeah I'm that girl). But I loved this mask and how moisturizing it is. The mask itself is a great fit and a bit heavier then others and it has a nice amount of milky essence that doesn't feel sticky.The smell isn't overwhelming, in fact I hardly noticed any scent at all. Left my face plump and dewy, no break out's at all. I love how inexpensive it is, because it's perfect for everyday sheet masking. I'm glad I ordered quite a few, but please get this back in stock so I can buy more!!
03/75/2017 03/17/2017

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