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What is M-REVIEW?

M-REVIEW is a product review program, offering our monthly featured merchandise for FREE to interested applicants. Every month, we will have one full size product available to be sent to selected applicants in exchange for a honest review. You can post these reviews on your online platform - such as Instagram, Facebook, online blog, and even as a vlog or video on Youtube. We want to provide a chance to all the beauty enthusiast have more engaging and entertaining interaction with the product. As well as, listen what you have to say about our curations. If you are interested, please review below information for more details!


Accepting applications until 9/13/2019 12:00PM
Shipping - 9/18/2019
Review/Post Submission - 10/7/2019

Number of Reviewers:

20 people - 10 blogs, 5 Instagram, 5 Youtube

How To Apply:

Fill out the form

Submission Rules:

Posts must be submitted by 10/7/2019.
Posts must have at least 4 pictures with at least one picture of a selfie with product on OR a 10 minute length video.  
Reviewers must provide link of posts via DM @masksheets_com or email to
Reviewers must use the following hashtags: #masksheets #sponsored #everydaze 
Reviewers must tag @masksheets_com.

Winners Announcement:

After carefully reviewing the submissions, we will pick 3 winners from different categories.
Winners will receive a guarantee of next sponsorship if he/she wishes and will receive a grand prize gift.


Masksheets will hold the right to use all content of winners’ submissions whenever necessary. Masksheets is NOT responsible for lost/mishandled shipping issues. At this time, reviewers must be U.S. residents. If posts are not submitted by the deadline, the reviewers will be excluded from future review events.