Banilaco Seoul Fox Tail Dual Eyeliner - Black

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Dual Eye liner with Brush tip and Marker tip for Complete Seoul Look


Banila Co's Ongoing Innovation on Eye Liner 

Sophisticated eye line with Brush Tip & Bold eye line with marker tip! Tempting, edge eye look with dual eye liner 


Detail Fox Lining - thin and sophiticated brush tip help you build up sharp eye line 

Bold Fox Lining - edged, diagonal liner give you deep and thick eye line just like fox tail

Waterproof Coating - water-proof formula ensures prolonged defined lining and prevent unwanted smurge

How To Use

1. if you want thin and sophisticated line, draw line from the center of your eyes to the eye tip with brush tip.

2. If you want bold and edged eye line,draw your desired eye line with marker tip. 

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Seoul Fox Tail Dual Eyeliner - Black
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