COVID19 Hoooah KF94 呼吸器面罩 - 1 张

This is a disposable KF94 mask that has comparable performance of filtration like N95. This is a Korean standard respiratory protecting face piece. It is specifically designed as 3D flat-fold (also referred as fish-shaped) to provide wearer with comfort and more space to breathe. When properly used, this product will filter at least 94% of PM2.5 airborne particles to protect the wearer from exposure to harmful air pollutants.
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这是一种一次性KF94口罩,具有与N95相当的过滤性能。这是一款韩国标准呼吸防护面罩。它专门设计为 3D 平折(也称为鱼形),为佩戴者提供舒适感和更多的呼吸空间。如果使用得当,该产品将过滤至少 94% 的 PM2.5 空气颗粒,以保护佩戴者免受有害空气污染物的侵害。

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Hoooah KF94 呼吸器面罩 - 1 张