BB Lab 益生菌W


BB Lab Probiotics W suppresses harmful bacteria while balancing the presence of good bacteria in the gut Helps ease bowel movements.

170 mg x 30 capsules

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BB Lab 益生菌 W 可抑制有害细菌,同时平衡肠道中有益细菌的存在 有助于缓解排便。

How To Use

Take 1 capsule a day with water.
1. Check the expiration date before use and follow the recommended serving size and directions.
2. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or prone to allergies, check the ingredient list first.
3. Should symptoms occur, suspend use and consult a medical professional.
4. For children, administer under parental supervision within recommended daily serving size.
5. Allergic reactions may vary by individual.
6. If you have preexisting conditions or are on medication, consult a doctor first.


Lactobacillus Plantarum: A strain that aids the human host in clearing out the gastrointestinal tract
Bifidobacterium Lactis: Improves digestion and enhances immune system functions
Lactobacillus Acidophilus: Helps balance potentially harmful bacteria in the gut
Lactobacillus Fermentum: Boosts immunity and helps fight yeast infections and UTI in women
Zinc: Regulates immunity functions and cell division

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