Unique & Fun Fit My Skin 氢氢 H2 面膜 - 1 片

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Hydrogen Mask contains hydrogen molecules. These tiny hydrogen molecules quickly penetrates the skin to help deliver the ingredients to prevent wrinkles, develop brighter skin and moisturize the skin
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这款面膜采用专利充氢技术,含有超过 1,000ppb 的氢气,有效成分有效渗透肌肤。这款铜氨纤维面膜具有出色的附着力,可提供额外的保湿效果。这款面膜由多种发酵成分、烟酰胺、蜗牛分泌物滤液、积雪草和腺苷配制而成,可为肌肤提供亮白、紧致、活力和保湿效果。

Skin Concern


How To Use

1. Cleanse skin with toner to clear up the skin texture.

2. Spread the mask sheet onto the entire face.

3. Remove the mask sheet after 15 ~ 20 mins and gently massage the remaining essence into the skin.

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Fit My Skin 氢氢 H2 面膜 - 1 片