Hadariki Hadariki 玫瑰脚垫 - 6 件

HADARIKI Foot Sheet Peppermint is a foot pad enriched with natural plant ingredients which provide great functions to relax and recover your tired body. It can also be applied to the arm, shoulders, and stomach.
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HADARIKI Foot Sheet Peppermint 是一种富含天然植物成分的足垫,具有放松和恢复疲惫身体的强大功能。它也可以应用于手臂、肩膀和腹部。

How To Use

Take one patch and remove the adhesive side. Attach the smaller, medicated patch onto the bigger patch. Apply the patch to the sole of your foot and leave it on through the night. Remove in the morning and dispose of the patch.

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Hadariki 玫瑰脚垫 - 6 件