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29 ST Honore Perfume Reallagen Cream - 白茉莉


Perfume body cream crafted by a traditional French fragrance business 240 years old. Made with collagen extract and soluble collagen to nourish the skin. Ingredients also include seaweed extract, 8 types of hyaluronic acid, 4 types of essential oil, 17 kinds of vegetable oil and shea butter for moist and smooth skin. Top note is made up of lily, middle note is made up of tuberose, ylangylang and jasmine, and base note is made up of sandalwood, vanilla, and whiteusk.


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由拥有 240 年历史的传统法国香水企业精心制作的香水润肤霜。由胶原蛋白提取物和可溶性胶原蛋白制成,可滋养皮肤。成分还包括海藻提取物、8 种透明质酸、4 种精油、17 种植物油和乳木果油,可滋润光滑肌肤。前调是百合,中调是晚香玉、依兰依兰和茉莉,基调是檀木、香草和白麝香。


How To Use

Put a suitable amount on areas of dryness and rub in until fully absorbed.

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Perfume Reallagen Cream - 白茉莉