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  • Great deal by Vi
    Renewal Mask BOG2 - Buy 1 Get 2 Free

    Great value! Packaged deal lets you stock up on 3 of your favorite leaders mask- I picked up my favorite Tea Tree, Collagen, and Anti-Aging - in that order. Plus side the expiration date isn't short ...

  • Tingly, and Squeaky Clean by r L
    Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask - 1 Sheet

    Tried it for the first time today. The mask itself is a bit slimey to the touch out of the bag, I noticed the "essence" was a bit like jelly in some parts, and it is a little bit difficult to unfold ...

  • One of my favorite by Annabelle Le
    Bombee Whitening Honey Mask - 1 Box of 10 Sheets

    Really one of my favorite sheet mask. High quality sheet. Makes my face feel great after use. Sticks to the face perfectly and you can do other things while putting this on.

  • It felt drying throughout the day by Annabelle Le
    Face Injection Mask - Illumination

    The mask smells great and felt great on the face. Very high quality material of the sheet itself. It felt great after removing. However, through out the day, I start to feel my face getting very dry....

  • Real good by Anna Ho
    Trans Emulsion

    Doesnt smell much like ginseng. It works great, I use it after 7 skin method, and it locks the moisture well and sometimes I can finish my skincare routine without cream (this is during summer)

  • Good Exfoliating by Yunwon Park
    Milky Piggy Hell-Pore clean Up Mask

    Not so sure about black head & white head since I dont have much problem from the first, but skin got so smooth! Becareful of eyebrow cuz it gets taken off

  • My skin is different! by Yunwon Park
    Red Ginseng Deep Moisturizing Softener

    Realizing again the power of good skincare. My skin got real smoother!

  • best by hyunjoo eom
    Renewal Mask BOG2 - Buy 1 Get 2 Free

    I loved these masksheets. It had enough amples, the sheets were quite thin (in a good way) and didn't dry up so fast. I tried some jelly masksheet, but those sheets dry on my skin real fast. overall...

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The ONE and Only K-beauty Secret Library for Your Radiantly Glowing Skin - MASKSHEETS

No matter you are new to Korean beauty products or you are religiously following the Korean skin care routine, we all know the facial mask sheet is a must for the glowing, moisturized and revitalized skin. There are many "Korean skin care gurus" out there but we are firmly against the concept of the "celebrity selected items."

We all have different skin types, so simply following so-called Korean beauty experts’ suggestion does not always give you the result that you wanted. That’s why is special. We curate the most diverse but carefully selected Korean sheet masks from various brands, texture and ingredients.

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