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  • TBH... by Manda
    Capsule Shot Mask Aqua Capsule - 1 Box of 5 Sheets

    Tbh, I was really excited to try these.... I even bought all three. The material of the mask kinda sucks. I felt a little hydrated after but that was about it. I thought they would be worth the hype ...

  • Where has this been all my life!? by Baffy
    P.D.F AC-Defense Nude Gel Mask

    The universe has failed me for not bringing this into my life sooner. I'm suffering from hormonal acne and recently, I hit a period of clarity. I figured it was because of the anti-inflammatory natur...

  • nice and soothing! by Pearl
    7 Wonders Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask - 1 Box of 10 Sheets

    My skin usually gets irritated after a day of wearing full makeup because of double cleansing. i love how this gel mask feels cooling and soothing to the skin and reduce the redness and irritation.

  • Hydrating by Lauren
    Liptone Get it Tint HD

    I was really surprised by this tint. Every tint I've used ends up looking dry and patchy pretty quickly. This was hydrating and had great color payoff. I wouldn't say its long-lasting, but it definit...

  • So cute! by Lauren
    Macaron Lip Balm

    I love macarons, so I love this packaging! The balm is hydrating and long-lasting. I don't usually like fruity smells, but the strawberry smells delicious!

  • Meh by Lauren
    Pomegranate Collagen Lip Mask

    I was a little disappointed by this product. It was certainly fun, but ultimately I didn't feel like gave any major results. My lips felt somewhat hydrated, but no more than using a lip balm. I would...

  • Surprising quality for price by Lauren
    Real Tea Gel Mask - Lavender - 1 Sheet

    I used this mask after a rough day at work hoping the lavender would relax me. I was not let down; the lavender is a sweet, delicate scent that is not overpowering like some essential oils. I wasn't...

  • Amazing step of skincare routine by Aubrey
    Advanced Snail 96 Mucin power Essence

    I began using this product the beginning of May 2017. I have shared it with friends and family. I have sensitive skin and have had no issues or flair ups. I use it as part of my morning and evening s...

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The ONE and Only K-beauty Secret Library for Your Radiantly Glowing Skin - MASKSHEETS

No matter you are new to Korean beauty products or you are religiously following the Korean skin care routine, we all know the facial mask sheet is a must for the glowing, moisturized and revitalized skin. There are many "Korean skin care gurus" out there but we are firmly against the concept of the "celebrity selected items."

We all have different skin types, so simply following so-called Korean beauty experts’ suggestion does not always give you the result that you wanted. That’s why is special. We curate the most diverse but carefully selected Korean sheet masks from various brands, texture and ingredients.

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