iUNIK stands for "Ideal, Unique, Natural, Ingredients, Knowhow", essentially summing up iUNIK's brand philosophy of creating unique and effective products, ideal for your skin using only natural, safe formulas, removing harmful ingredients with innovative technology and know-how on how to develop the best products. Through minimalistic skin care centered on natural ingredients, iUNIK creates products that aid the skin it's natural healing function and products that breathe with the skin. iUNIK best sellers includes their Tea Tree Relief Serum, Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask, and their Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil!

Tea Tree Relief Toner
$20.99 $16.99
Daily Serum Trial Kit
$21.99 $19.79
Centella Mini Set
$16.50 $14.85
Tea Tree Relief Serum
$19.99 $14.99
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