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AMORTALS AMORTALS Wet Compress Cotton Pad 240pcs

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Constructed with a soft and delicate texture for superior water absorption, our compress cotton pad is a perfect alternative to paper towels for a more comfortable wet cleaning experience. Naturally degradable, it ensures an effortless wipe.

10x12cm / 240 pcs



  • 240pcs in a pack.
  • Soft cotton pad
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Strong water absorbing power and stretchable
  • Multi-purpose usage

How To Use

Use instead of a washcloth:
After fully cleansing your face with cleanser, take a washcloth and wet it, gently circularly running it over your face until it cleans the foam from your face. Then squeeze the water out of the washcloth and massage the remaining moisture on your face.

Makeup remover:
Because the face towel has better toughness, it can remove the makeup on the face more easily compared to cotton pads, and it is not easy to deform. It can be wiped repeatedly until the makeup is fully removed.

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AMORTALS Wet Compress Cotton Pad 240pcs
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