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TIRTIR Perfect Immune Gummy

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The Perfect Immune Gummy are deliciously fruity gummies that come in cute shapes of sun, moons, stars, and hearts. It contains nutritional boosts of Vitamin C, D, & E to help improve your immune health and skin health. This two-gummy serving also provides an excellent source of beta carotene, zinc, vitamin B6, B1, and B2.

210 g

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  • Delicious fruit-flavored gummies that come in a variety of cute shapes to make taking vitamins a fun and easy everyday habit.
  • Contains a daily dose of vitamin C, E, & D and other essential nutrients. 
  • Boosts immune and skin health.
  • Contains milk, soy, and pork.

How To Use

Take two gummies once a day, everyday.


Vitamin C, Vitamin E Mixed Preparation Powder (Dl-a- Tocopheryl Acetate, Glucose Syrup, Modified Starch, Silicon Dioxide), Vitamin D3 Mixed Preparation (Vitamin D3, Gum Arabic, Sugar, Corn Starch, Medium Chain) Neutral Fatty Oil, Silicon Dioxide, Vitamin E), Beta Carotene Mixture (B-carotene, Modified Starch, Glucose Syrup, Medium Chain Neutral Fatty Oil, Purified Water, Vitamin E, Tricalcium Phosphate), Zinc Oxide, Vitamin B6 Hydrochloride, Vitamin B1 Nitrate, Vitamin B2, Starch Syrup, Sugar, Purified Water, Pork Skin Gelatin, D-sorbitol Solution, Lemon Concentrate, Lemon Zest, Citric Acid (Anhydrous), Pectin, Coating Oil, Trisodium Citrate, Gardenia Yellow Pigment, Epa and Dha Content. 


*Contains Milk, Soybeans, and Pork

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Perfect Immune Gummy
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