DOBU MASK Breathe Together BTS Mask - Purple

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BTS Bangtan boys Breathe Together masks, bird-beaked facial masks. Comfortable ear band to wear for a long time: Using a flat band made of nylon, it has excellent oil and abrasion resistance. It is comfortable on the ears, does not wrinkle, has good elasticity, and is very comfortable to wear.
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Triple structure filter with excellent blocking power:

1st SB Filter: By using a high-density filter, it has excellent blocking power and is safe from various kinds of dust and harmful particles.

2nd MB Filter: Maximizes efficiency by using high-efficiency mb filter produced in Korea.

3rd SB Filter: By using a skin hypoallergenic lining (dermatest, vegan certified), skin irritation is minimized, and the surface is smooth, so there is no fluff even when used for a long time.

Size: 116mm x 146mm.
Certificate: US FDA registered.
Material: polypropylene.

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