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rom&nd Mood Pebble Nail

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Shiny like a pebble, but much more colorful! Compliment and create a look to suit every mood, outfit and season with the Rom&nd Mood Pebble Nail, a luxurious nail polish in a comprehensive palette of gorgeous hues. 


$16.75 $8.36
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Quick drying power that dries in 3 minutes
Transparent formula that builds up clearly without feeling stuffy even if you apply it over and over again
Long last polish without top coat
Clear layering

How To Use

Wash your hands and remove any traces of old nail varnish.
File and buff the nails to the desired length and shape.
Apply one thin coat of your chosen Rom&nd polish colour, working from the base of the nail to the tip.
Follow with a second coat.
Allow to air dry.

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