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Delight Project Soybean Mayo Crispy Sweet Rice Laver Chip

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Glutinous rice laver chips with soybean mayo flavor and texture of laver.

155kcal / 30g per pack

$6.86 $3.43
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  • This product tastes better with mayonnaise sauce.
  • Premium Laver is rich in minerals.
  • Sweet Rice: gives a crispy texture.
  • Gives a mixed flavor of sweetness and saltiness.


Laver Coated with Sweet Rice (semi-finished goods) 74.09% [Sweet Rice (Korea) 34.54%,Laver (Korea) 21.03%, Rice (Korea), Sweet Rice (Korea) 9.095%, potato starch, Shrimp Powder], Brown Rice Oil (Thailand) 16.82%, Roasted Soybean Mayo Seasoning 9.09% [Powder Sugar, Roasted Soybean Powder (Soybean: Korea 100%), Sugar,Refined Salt (Korea), Other Processed Food]

*Shrimp, Soybean, Wheat, Milk, Eggs (Poultry) included (*Ingredients containing allergens)

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Soybean Mayo Crispy Sweet Rice Laver Chip
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