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EVERYDAZE Essential C's Konjac Jelly Mango (Collagen 2500mg + Vitamin 500mg)

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With 2500mg phyto collagen and 500mg Vitamin C, this blend of Konjac Jelly is a meal supplement that reduces hunger, prevents overeating, and satisfies cravings with a sweet dose of natural mango extract and flavor.  

20 calories + ZERO added sugar - 5.07 fl.oz / 150ml

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Low calorie, healthy substitute for your most sugary snacks. Konjac is naturally derived from fibrous roots of an Asian plant. It is widely known to aid in weight management and improving cholesterol levels & digestive system. It is also fat-free and has almost no calories.

20 Calories

Collagen: Provides joint & muscle support and improves skin elasticity.
Vitamin C: Boosts immune system and promotes bright & healthy skin.

Caution: Please thoroughly chew on the konjac jelly to prevent any harmful choking. Be caution of injuries when opening the packaging. Do not swallow the cap. Do not heat pouch in the microwave. For those with allergies or other dietary restrictions, consume after reviewing the ingredients. Precipitation may occur due to the nature of the product, but it is safe to consume. Since the product is sensitve to heat, please keep the product below 86°F and avoid direct sunlight. After opening, consume as soon as possible or store in a refrigerator.


Water, Erythritol, Konjac Powder, Carrageenan, Trisodium Citrate, Dextrin, Gellan Gum, Xantan Gum, Phytocollagen (2500mg), Mango Flavor, Citric Acid, Mango Extract, Vitamin C (500mg), Calsium Lactate, Sucralose

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Essential C's Konjac Jelly Mango (Collagen 2500mg + Vitamin 500mg)
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