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Ato Guardiangel 아토 가디언젤 컨센트레이티드 크림

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Seven kinds of natural plant extracts soothe and moisturize dry and sensitive skin, and the skin-affinity ceramide NP which fermented with shea butter strengthens skin barrier and moisturizing function.


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7가지 천연 식물 추출물이 건조하고 예민해진 피부를 진정시키고 촉촉하게 가꾸어 주며, 시어버터로 발효한 피부친화성 세라마이드엔피가 피부장벽과 보습기능을 강화시켜줍니다.

How To Use

Apply gently until absorbed to affected area as needed to get relief from dry skin, irritated skin and itchy skin. Use 3-4 times daily for optimum results.

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아토 가디언젤 컨센트레이티드 크림
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