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Skinfood 블랙슈가 퍼펙트 오일 클렌징 티슈

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An emulsion that contains black sugar extract, and softens skin while calming shaving rash.

40 sheets



흑설탕추출물이 피부를 부드럽게 가꾸어주고 면도로 인한 발진을 진정시켜주는 에멀전입니다.

How To Use

Lift the sticker and take out a tissue. Gently wipe makeup and impurities along skin texture. When cleansing around the eyes, close your eyes and gently wipe. Keep the product out of your eyes. After use, close the cover to prevent the content from drying out.

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블랙슈가 퍼펙트 오일 클렌징 티슈
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