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MUSTUS 클로 거즈 필링패드 1매

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This peeling pad eliminates old keratin and impurities with mild peeling PHA, while smoothing out skin texture with parsley extract containing chlorophyll.
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마일드한 필링 PHA 성분이 묵은 각질과 노폐물을 제거하고, 엽록소를 함유한 파슬리 추출물이 피부 결을 매끄럽게 가꾸어주는 필링 패드입니다.

How To Use

Use the gauze side to intensively wipe skin with keratin and impurities, excluding eye areas. Then, use the soft side to refine skin texture.

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클로 거즈 필링패드 1매
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