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Aritaum 아이돌 래쉬 프리미엄 - 9 리얼핏

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Fill out sparse eyelashes with richly thick, it makes voluminous lashes. Handmade lashes that make it looks natural, just like your own lashes.


숱이 적은 속눈썹을 풍성하게 채워 볼륨감 있는 속눈썹을 연출해줍니다.
내 속눈썹처럼 자연스럽게 연출되는 핸드메이드 속눈썹.

How To Use

1. As tweezers, remove Princess Eyelashes and cut out appropriate with scissors to fit your eyelashes. 2. Apply a appropriate amount of glue on false eyelashes, and wait 5 sec. 3. Attach the false eyelashes on the root lines of your eyelashes.

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아이돌 래쉬 프리미엄 - 9 리얼핏
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