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innisfree 올리브 리얼 바디 클렌저

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With its rich moisturizing ingredients and vitamin nutrients from the finest organic ally grown olives, this highly enriched hydrating cream-type body cleanser delivers deep moisture to your skin, without leaving any dryness even after taking a shower.


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최고급 유기농 올리브에서 채취한 풍부한 보습 성분과 비타민 영양성분이 샤워 후에도 당김 없이 피부 깊숙이 수분을 공급하는 고농축 수분 크림 타입 바디 클렌저입니다.

How To Use

Apply an appropriate amount onto bath sponge or shower towel. Massage onto entire body and thoroughly rinse off with water afterwards.

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올리브 리얼 바디 클렌저
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