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innisfree 올리브 리얼 로션 Ex.

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A hydrating lotion enriched with Olive Power Activator (tocopherol, Vitamin E, oleic acid) that delivers intense moisture to dry skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. Strengthens skin barrier for healthy skin.


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올리브 파워 액티베이터(토코페롤, 비타민 E, 올레산)가 풍부한 수분 로션으로 건조한 피부에 강렬한 수분을 전달하여 부드럽고 촉촉하게 가꾸어줍니다. 건강한 피부를 위한 피부 장벽 강화.
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How To Use

After using toner, take a moderate amount and gently spread over face and neck.

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