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Hair treatment - a treatment that make hair smooth and shine. Used to highly repair hair that have damaged by hair dyeing, hot tools, and perms. Damaged hair special polymer silicon factor, penetrates into the core, comprehensive repair hair, make hair smooth shine.


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헤어 트리트먼트 - 모발을 매끄럽고 윤기있게 가꾸어주는 트리트먼트. 염모, 핫툴, 파마 등으로 손상된 모발을 고도로 복구하는데 사용. 손상된 모발의 특수 폴리머 실리콘 인자가 코어에 침투하여 모발을 종합적으로 수리하여 모발을 매끄럽게 빛나게 합니다.

How To Use

After the shampooing, Remove the water your hands or towel.Then, put small amount on your palm and spread.
Apply this damage care treatment on your hair.
Wait 1 minutes, then wash with warm water 2~3 times.
It makes your hair sleek, smooth, anti trangles and repair your hair damage, also.

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