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innisfree 퍼퓸드 디퓨저 - 체리블라썸

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The story of 15 fragrances bearing the emotions from a trip to Jeju. Fill your space with the colourful scents of Jeju, with a diffuser that embraces the sentiments from a trip to the island.


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제주 여행의 감성을 담은 15가지 향 이야기. 섬 여행의 감성을 담은 디퓨저로 다채로운 제주의 향기로 공간을 채우세요.

How To Use

Remove the cap, and put the wood sticks in the bottle to use. (Adjust the number of wood sticks to control the intensity of fragrance. The intensity of fragrance varies depending on the size of room, environment and temperature)

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퍼퓸드 디퓨저 - 체리블라썸
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