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secret Key 백설공주 밀키 팩

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Its quick absorption will not make it rub off on clothes, and its smooth texture will make application very easy. Whitening agent niacinamide will multiply the whitening effects. It will provide moisture to keep skin soft and relieve irritated skin. Your skin will look most natural and brilliant, making you look more beautiful. Your skin will look and feel brighter with continued use.
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빠르게 흡수되어 옷에 묻어나지 않으며, 부드러운 질감으로 사용이 매우 간편합니다. 미백제 나이아신아마이드가 미백효과를 배가시켜줍니다. 수분을 공급하여 피부를 부드럽게 유지하고 자극받은 피부를 완화시켜줍니다. 당신의 피부는 가장 자연스럽고 빛나며 당신을 더욱 아름답게 보이게 할 것입니다. 계속 사용하면 피부가 더 밝아지고 밝아질 것입니다.

How To Use

Wash the areas you want to apply the product on then apply over the said areas and rub in a massaging motion. Leave on for 2-3 minutes then cleanse with warm water without rubbing. Gently tap the skin while drying for milky-white skin.


Titanium dioxide, sodium hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, sorbitan rate, ceresin, methylparaben, purified water, spices, cyclopentasiloxane cyclohexanone siloxane, dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, butylene glycol, not chilpi / p fiji -10 /dimethicone cross 1 dimethicone, penta-cycle annals sandi the chicon vinyl menu polymer, dimethyl siloxane.

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백설공주 밀키 팩
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