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16 Brand 3 Layers ColorRulez Tint & Gloss - 블루 파르페

A tint gloss with 3 layers containing hydrolyzed collagen to create lively complexion that gives a unique color by its combination of 3 colors.
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하이드롤라이즈드콜라겐이 함유된 3겹의 틴트 글로스로 3가지 컬러의 조합으로 화사한 피부를 연출해주는 틴트 글로스.
블루파르페-1 블루파르페-2 블루파르페-3

How To Use

Use the wide side of the tip to gently apply from the center of your lips outwards like a natural gradient. Tip: Hold the tip vertically to draw fine lip lines. Take contents on the first layer with a tip and apply to create vivid color.

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3 Layers ColorRulez Tint & Gloss - 블루 파르페
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