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MUSTUS 데일리 하비스트 스퀴즈 에너지업 마스크팩 5매입 1박스

Contains the Vege Balance Orange Complex consisting of carrot, sweet potato, sweet pumpkin, orange and grapefruit extract, which vitalizes and invigorates the skin.
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당근, 고구마, 단호박, 오렌지, 자몽 추출물로 구성된 베지 밸런스 오렌지 콤플렉스가 함유되어 피부에 생기와 활력을 부여합니다.

Skin Concern


How To Use

1. Open the pouch, take the sheet. Find a fold at the 1/3 point and unfold upwards.
2. Hold the upper right part of the mask pack. Unfold from right to left.
3. Unfold both edges 01. right first. and 02. left second.
4. After washing and toning, place the mask on your face.
5. Remove 10-20 minutes later, Gently tap to make the remaining essence absorbed.

Rating & Reviews

데일리 하비스트 스퀴즈 에너지업 마스크팩 5매입 1박스
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