Steambase 데일리 스팀 아이마스크 라벤더 블루워터 1매

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A special getaway from your daily busy life for your exhausted eyes. Aroma therapy along with a 20-minute steam thermal eye massage. This soothing fragrance of lavender allows a good night's sleep.


바쁜 일상에서 지친 눈을 위한 특별한 휴식. 아로마 테라피와 20분간의 스팀 온열 눈 마사지. 이 부드러운 라벤더 향은 숙면을 취할 수 있게 해줍니다.

Steambase Eye Mask

How To Use

1. Open the pouch, take out the eye mask and open it up following the dotted line on the ear-hook parts attached to the back
2. The white surface should be placed on the skin around the eyes, while the side with deeper indent should go around the nose. After hooking the ear-hook parts around your ears, take a rest in a comfortable position while keeping your eyes closed.

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데일리 스팀 아이마스크 라벤더 블루워터 1매
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