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Skinfood 달걀 흰자 팩 코 쿨 다운

A hydrogel-type nose pack that provides soothing relief to freshly exfoliated skin and pores using egg white extract. Egg White Exract: Enriched with albumin, egg white extract promotes firmer skin and smaller pores.
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달걀흰자추출물을 함유하여 갓 각질을 제거한 피부와 모공을 진정시켜주는 하이드로겔 타입의 코팩입니다. 계란 흰자 추출물: 알부민이 풍부한 계란 흰자 추출물은 피부를 더 탄력있게 만들고 모공을 더 작게 만듭니다.

How To Use

Use after nose pack application.
Remove transparent film, and apply the smooth side of the film to fit the shape of your nose.
Make sure to place the round edges of the sheet on the tip of the nose.
Leave for 10 minutes, then tone and moisturize the skin.

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달걀 흰자 팩 코 쿨 다운
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