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TONYMOLY 페이스톤 스킨 틴트

A weightless and virtually invisible liquid foundation that creates a demi-matte finish.

N01 | Neutral Milk - Bright creamy beige
P01 | Pink Beige - Bright pink beige
W01 | Vanilla Beige - Yellow beige with warm undertones
W02 | Natural Beige - Yellow beige with cool undertones



데미 매트 피니시를 연출하는 가볍고 거의 눈에 띄지 않는 리퀴드 파운데이션.

N01 | 뉴트럴 밀크 - 화사한 크리미 베이지
P01 | 핑크 베이지 - 화사한 핑크 베이지
W01 | 바닐라 베이지 - 웜톤의 옐로우 베이지
W02 | 내추럴 베이지 - 쿨톤의 옐로우 베이지

How To Use

Apply an appropriate amount evenly to the skin.


Niacinamide - Effectively restores skin against aging by improving the appearance of pores, evening out skin tone, and combating against dullness
Rose Balsam Extract - Contains antibiotic properties
Rose Hip Oil, Seaberry Oil, Grapeseed Oil - Contains powerful antioxidants that repair and protect the skin from signs of aging

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