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lapalette 플로럴 피스 클렌징 오일

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Deep Cleansing Oil with 100% real rose petals and mild hypoallergenic to sensitive skin. Watery formula and 100% real rose petals remove water-proof and long lasting point make-up, leaving your skin moist and clean.


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100% 리얼 장미 꽃잎이 함유되어 민감한 피부에 순한 저자극 딥 클렌징 오일. 워터리한 포뮬러와 100% 리얼 장미 꽃잎이 워터프루프와 롱래스팅 포인트 메이크업을 지워주어 촉촉하고 깨끗한 피부로 가꿔줍니다.

How To Use

When using for the first time, open the cap to remove the safety seal and plug in the special filter pump included.
Apply an appropriate amount to the untreated palm and spread it over the entire dry face.
After gently massage for about 30 seconds, put some water on your hands and roll once more smoothly.
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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