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APIEU 과일 식초 시트 마스크 - 석류

A’PIEU Fruit Vinegar Sheet Mask (Pomegranate) is to fill the dry and sagging skin with elastic moisture with pomegranate extract..


어퓨 과일 식초 시트 마스크(석류)는 석류 추출물이 건조하고 늘어진 피부를 탄력 있는 수분으로 채워줍니다.

Skin Concern


How To Use

Use after tidying up skin texture with toner.

Take out the sheet and place the upper and lower part according to the base of both eyes.

After 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet and gently tap the face to promote the absorption of residue into skin.

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과일 식초 시트 마스크 - 석류
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