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CHA LAB 하이드로 앰플 마스크

CHA:LAB Hydro Ampule Mask provides essential hydration to the skin. It works to relieve tightness and keep your skin hydrated and smooth for a long time by EGF & Collagen
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고급 바이오 셀룰로오스 기술

차:랩 하이드로 앰플 마스크는 피부에 꼭 필요한 수분을 공급합니다. EGF & Collagen 함유로 당김을 완화하고 피부를 오랫동안 촉촉하고 매끄럽게 유지시켜줍니다.

How To Use

1. After cleansing, attach the mask on your face tightly.

2. About 10~20 minutes later, take off the mask

3. Dab your face softly and lightly.

Special Note: Considering the skins 4 week turnover term, it is most effective to use consecutively 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks (one month concentrated skin management program).

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하이드로 앰플 마스크
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