Kiribai Kiribai Kairo 인스턴트 핫 패드 - 10팩

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The Kiribai Kairo Hand Warmer is a disposable pocket heat pack convenient in a harsh winter. With this product, you do not have to bear the chill of such season anymore.

10 Packs

$15.00 $9.49


  • 옷 위부터 어깨, 등, 무릎까지 몸을 따라 완벽하게 붙일 수 있는 일회용 워머.
  • 흘러내림도 없고 기대지도 않고 딱 맞고 불편함도 없습니다.
  • 낭비없이 붙이는 것만으로 몸을 따뜻하게합니다.
  • 겨울철 추운 날씨, 야외 작업, 야외 및 레저용.

How To Use

Shake and rub the product several times and keep it inside pockets or wrap it by cloth to use.
Do not contact with skin directly.
If the temperature drops during use, please shake or rub again, and keep inside pocket. The temperature will rise again.
Do not use in the situations below: During sleeping, under the blanket, electric carpet, near stove, heater, any source of heat.

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Kiribai Kairo 인스턴트 핫 패드 - 10팩
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