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APRILSKIN 매직 스노우 쿠션 블랙

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A cushion with natural mineral water based serum which provides flawless coverage at once. Apply onto puff and gently dab on your cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin and from inside to outside along the skin texture.

21 Light Beigte / 23 Natural Beige




45%의 수분 베이스가 함유되어 촉촉한 커버력을 선사합니다. 랭래스팅 매직 스노우 쿠션이 매끈하고 결점 없는 벨벳 같은 피부결을 선사합니다.

에이프릴스킨 매직스노우 쿠션 블랙

How To Use

Remove translucent film from the mirror.

Open inner lid and remove the protection film.

Gently press cushion with the provided puff to release the perfect amount of foundation.

Pat evenly on skin. Light and thin layer is adequate to cover.

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매직 스노우 쿠션 블랙
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