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Gatsby 무빙 러버 와일드 & 메시 헤어 스타일링 왁스

Wild Shake has the second strongest setting power but goes on smoothly to create a spiky, three-dimensional look. It adds a natural gloss to your hair and produces the moveable texture you desire.
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와일드 쉐이크는 세팅력이 두 번째로 강하지만 매끄럽게 진행되어 뾰족하고 입체적인 느낌을 연출합니다. 모발에 자연스러운 광택을 더하고 원하는 움직임의 질감을 연출합니다.

권장 모발 길이:단발, 미디엄-단발
스타일링 파워:++++++++++- (9/10)
샤인:++++------ (4/10)
파라벤 프리

매우 짧은 머리에서 중간 길이의 짧은 머리에 권장됩니다. 와일드 쉐이크는 세팅력이 강하면서도 매끄럽게 진행되어 뾰족하고 입체적인 느낌을 줍니다. 모발에 자연스러운 광택을 더하고 원하는 움직임의 질감을 연출합니다.

How To Use

1. Spread on the palms of the hands. Apply a small amount on your fingertips. Rub hands together spreading evenly until transparent. Try to also get it between your fingers.

2. Work wax into hair moving from the nape of the neck to the forehead. Spread evenly from roots to tips. Leave bangs untouched. Also apply it to the sides in the same way, moving from bottom to top.

3. Slick down the sides of your hair and pull hair at the back of the neck towards the front. Roughly press down the sides of your hair using your fingers as a comb in a zigzag motion. This adds movement to the wave, and also slicks down the hair at the sides. Pull the hair at the neckline to the front alongside the neck. Add movement to the neckline, and arrange the outline of the back.

4. Twist hair on the top center of your head to create bundles. Make tapered bundles of hair around the top of your head, while arranging an outline. Pinch hair, starting from the middle moving outwards towards the tips. To prevent the tips of the hair bundles from being too sharp, don't pinch the hair tips.

5. Arrange the bangs. To arrange the bangs you need not apply extra wax. Do not pinch or twist; simply use your fingers to separate the hair flow.

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무빙 러버 와일드 & 메시 헤어 스타일링 왁스
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