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Mr. Wattson Mr. Wattson 오리지널 테이블 램프

Now that you’re considering adding Mr. Wattson to your family, you might want to know a few things about him. He is a handmade LED lamp. Not factory made – HAND made. He’s proud of this fact and hopes you are proud of him. His body is ash wood and his head is inspired by the 1946 Vespa headlight.


  • 수공
  • 실내 사용에 적합
  • 어댑터: 유형 ABC & F-플러그
  • 코튼 브라운 케이블
  • 다양한 마감 처리 가능


전체: 10.8인치 W x 6.1인치 D x 7.1-15.75인치 H
케이블 길이: 90.6인치
램프 유형:
3W 12V 85CRI, 3100K G4 베이스 LED 램프(포함)

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Mr. Wattson 오리지널 테이블 램프
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