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ETUDE HOUSE 마이뷰티툴 오일 컨트롤 페이퍼 팩트

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The new and improved powerful oil control paper pact to use as a powder pact! A pact-type oil control paper that effectively removes excess shine anytime, anywhere.


파우더 팩트로도 사용할 수 있는 새롭게 개량된 강력 유분 컨트롤 페이퍼 팩트! 언제 어디서나 효과적으로 번들거림을 제거해주는 팩트 타입의 유분 컨트롤 페이퍼

Skin Type

All Skin Type;Combination;Normal;Oily

How To Use

1. When your skin has excess sebum, open the product's cover and gently pat the parts of your skin with excess shine with the puff that has a piece of oil paper attached to it. 2. Remove the used paper and place the puff back in the pact. 3. If the oil control paper does not attach to the adhesive sheet, remove a layer of adhesive sheet (there are 5 layers of adhesive sheet).


Flax Oil Control Paper

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