29 ST Honore Nettoyant De Marin Roses et Baies

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1779 Nettoyant De Marin is a body cleanser made with 240 years of French expertise in fragrance making. Formulated with seaweed extract, 10 types of oil and patented ingredients for a clean wash to lock in moisture even after a shower. In the scent Roses et Baies, top note is made up of black currant, bergamot and mandarine, middle note is made up of rose, and base note is made up of amber and musk.

300g / 10.59oz

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1779 Nettoyant De Marin은 240년의 프랑스 향수 제조 기술로 만들어진 바디 클렌저입니다. 해조추출물과 10가지 오일, 특허성분이 함유되어 샤워 후에도 수분을 가두어 깨끗이 씻어줍니다. Roses et Baies 향의 탑노트는 블랙커런트, 베르가못, 만다린, 미들노트는 장미, 베이스노트는 앰버와 머스크로 구성되어 있습니다.

300g / 10.58oz

How To Use

Put a generous amount on body and massage until it foams, then wash off with lukewarm water.

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Nettoyant De Marin Roses et Baies
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