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lapalette 9호 하이드라 수딩젤 - 레몬

A super simple recipe for brightening & pore care. It contains an enzyme (papain) and many effective ingredients for whitening care. A soothing, cooling and moisturizing effect for your skin with non-sticky water jelly formula.




브라이트닝 & 모공 케어를 위한 초간단 레시피. 효소(파파인)와 미백 케어에 효과적인 여러 성분이 함유되어 있습니다. 끈적임 없는 워터젤리 제형으로 피부 진정, 쿨링, 보습 효과를 선사합니다.

How To Use

After washing your face, take a suitable amount to whole face and gently absorb it into the face. At night time, you can use it as a sleeping care by taking generous amount for good skin condition on the next day.

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9호 하이드라 수딩젤 - 레몬
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